You say you really know me
You're not afraid to show me, what is in your eyes
Thursday, July 16, 2015 / 3:05 AM

I don't know what to say. All I want and need in my life is someone who would say as much as the person would below, and mean it.

"This woman is my most beloved and important woman in my life. I hope we can walk the journey of marriage together until death set us part. May we walk hand in hand together in the days to come."

That statement, though seems little, means so much, much more than a hug, or a kiss or a kiss on the cheek. It means deeply like how it states. The love is so deep where one can trust the other cauae one is not only best friend but a partner to the other, and vice versa.

One can trust another not just cause of that, but cause one knows the other is being truthful, honest, loyal and transparent.. And vice versa.. I hope to God that I may find that one day, someday.. I just hope it would not be too late.

Monday, December 17, 2012 / 3:13 AM

I thought I promised myself.. Never again to shed a tear over a boy.. didn't I?

I feel so alone. I guess that's how it is though. We are brought into this world, alone, in our mothers' wombs. We will probably be brought out of this world, alone, in our coffins or cremation and what not.

Brighter Note: Look at this pweedy cake my bestfriends, Tiffany and Charmaine surprised me with! (Not forgetting VINOD M. who helped out with it,even from so far away)


Prettiest & tastiest birthday cake I have ever had! *heart*


Part of life
Sunday, October 14, 2012 / 5:02 PM

"Fool me once, shame on you.
 Fool me twice (or more), shame on ME."

Talk is cheap.
I'm not stupid.
I'm not born with a defect.
You may forget if it did not meant much.
I will not forget when it means something to me.
You may not realize the effect.
I realize the effect because I feel it.
I do not like this feeling.
I do not need to feel this over and over.
I do not deserve this.
I will not tolerate this.
What should I do?
There seems to be no compromise.
No way to explain.
No way to clearly understand.
No way out.

On a brighter note:
How now,
brown cow? :O


The Cranberries - Linger
Wednesday, May 2, 2012 / 11:00 PM

If you, if you could return, don't let it burn, don't let it fade.

I'm sure I'm not being rude, but it's just your attitude,
It's tearing me apart, It's ruining everything.

I swore, I swore I would be true, and honey, so did you.
So why were you holding her hand? Is that the way we stand?
Were you lying all the time? Was it just a game to you?

But I'm in so deep. You know I'm such a fool for you.
You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.
Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to,
Do you have to let it linger?

Oh, I thought the world of you.
I thought nothing could go wrong,
But I was wrong. I was wrong.
If you, if you could get by, trying not to lie,
Things wouldn't be so confused and I wouldn't feel so used,
But you always really knew, I just wanna be with you.

But I'm in so deep. You know I'm such a fool for you.
You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.
Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to,
Do you have to let it linger?
(x 3)


Fairytale turned Nightmare
Saturday, February 18, 2012 / 1:05 AM

Playlist for the moment..

Chicago - Look Away
Brad Paisley & Allison Krauss - Whiskey Lullaby
Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn


Hopeful Better Days.
Saturday, September 3, 2011 / 10:45 PM

Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Merdeka!

Okay, lately things have been looking rather down (yeah I'm normally here when things are not good,lol). I haven no idea why but I always associate periods like these as just a phase. It'll pass. I mean, "This too shall pass"-KingSolomon,no? Well, I'm hopeful, extremely hopeful and optimistic. I hope it passes soon though as I have three more months of work and I don't want to ruin that. I don't have much to say right now, except that boredom was the key motivator to my being here.


Mental Note.
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 / 2:17 PM

Mental note, Jeswena: Don't ever get to close to those who are known to be irresponsible friends.

Also, be a more responsible friend, best friend, daughter, granddaughter and sister.

Update of mental note: Don't take too much from someone, you need to give as well. In any emotional, physical or mental way possible.